Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My way of saying thanks...

I dug up a copy of my wedding 'thank you' card at the cottage this weekend. Do I have extras because I didn't get them all sent out? Ummm, yup. Brutal. Etiquette says you have a year, but if you have a baby and baby gift thank you's to send out that year, too, do you get extra time?
I often design things in postcard form, which can look great and be cheaper to print. 
But I love cards that open, so for my own thank you cards I went with the traditional card format. 

We're in business, baby!

So if this is going to be a business, I need a business card, right? Done!
Does a business card make it official?
I needed a little chevron...

Check out the business cards I made for Dewdrop Crafts, too.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Lucky number 7

My sweet nephew, Max, is turning 7!  Since I can't make the party in Shanghai, the least I could do is make him custom soccer themed birthday invitations - complete with his favourite team logo and a picture of him, just like he wanted. Bring home the Kerr Cup, buddy!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Going Retro

A good friend of mine, Katrina, is starting up a company of her own - Dewdrop Crafts. She makes beautiful baby quilts. The fabrics she uses are gorgeous, and all organic cotton. I was excited when she asked me to design her custom quilt labels, and happier still when she told me she wanted a retro/vintage look. Fun!

Its not complete, but before I go any further, I'm just waiting for her feedback. I LOVE the image of the woman, although I was a bit worried it might scare the baby using the quilt?! I showed it to my son, he smiled. Baby tested - CHECK. We'll see what Katrina thinks...

...the verdict is in. The lady was a bit much. So here is the final quilt label design for Dewdrop Crafts.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Up The Hill

I'm Jill Jackson. I'm a new mom to a now 10 month old boy and I'm on a mission to start my own custom paper company from my home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm documenting my journey to make Jill + Jack Paper a reality. The blog is an outlet to share my ups and downs along the way (fingers crossed for more ups) and to share what inspires me to do what I do. 

So since this is the beginning, I'll start with my first paper project - my own wedding invitations. I'm all about DIYs and I know what I love, so why not save a buck and make my own invitations, thank you cards and other paper 'stuff' for the wedding? The invitations were perfectly 'me', they only cost $40 for printing, and I loved every second of the process. 

We had a small cottage wedding surrounded by the people we loved. I wanted the invitation to have  cottage charm and to reflect our loves - so I incorporated our favourite things (our dog, our cottage, surf, traveling, etc.) into the heart on the front.