Friday, 27 April 2012

Bringing back the blog

Wow - things have been busy chez Jackson's. This little business is starting to take off,  I'm getting into the groove at my 'real' job after being on maternity leave for the past year, and I even managed to pull off my first business trip out of the country.  Needless to say, it has taken a toll on the blog (and my sleep)!

My first entry in over a month is to highlight one of my favourite little custom projects. This local Mom knew just what she wanted when she ordered this beautiful Shakespeare quote print for her wee little girl. I hope I brought her vision to paper.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

L is for love. L is for Lawson.

More new prints just in time for the East Coast Momma Spring Fair! Customize with a child's name or a special word.
L is for Love. - $10 for 8x10 
Flower Wreath Custom Name Print - $15 
Monogram Custom Name Print - $15


Life has been FULL these days - but I've been finding little windows to create. I've got my first craft fair coming up - the East Coast Momma Spring Fair - a big feat for a little business like me. Here are some of the prints I've been making to sell at the fair. Enjoy!
Imagine. Create. Believe. - $10 for 8x10 unframed print
Let's go for a bike ride (trike) - $10 for 8x10 unframed print
Life is a ride - $10 for 8x10 unframed print
A Hoot (in blue or pink) - $10 fro 8x10 unframed print
The owl collection - $10 for 8x10 unframed print

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Let's Party!

My sweet baby boy is turning 1. What a year! Creating his custom birthday invitation has been one of my favourite projects to date. Props to my husband for his photography skills - I love this picture.
$40 for 20 custom birthday invitations (5"x5")

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Moms United

I am so excited to be part of a great group of crafty & entrepreneurial moms in my area. A friend of mine, Sarah, recently started an online group called East Coast Mommas Collective. Its mom's connecting to help support each other in our mom-powered pursuits. Since being part of the group for only a month, I've already made some great connections and got some new business. To give back - I've created the logo for the group.
Logo design by Jill+Jack Paper
Check out the East Coast Momma Collective facebook page where you can source all sorts of handmade goodies and services from Canada's East Coast. And come to our Spring Fair at the St. Mary's Boat Club in Halifax on April 1 from 11am-4pm. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A brand is born!

From logo design, to business cards, to packaging labels.
This growing project for Dewdrop Crafts has been my pet project - and the end result is a brand that both Katrina and I are proud of.

Her products are beautiful. Using 100% cotton and organic cotton materials, these baby wipes, receiving blankets and quilts are awesome locally-made gifts for the wee ones in your life. Check her out online!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Now I LOVE my ABC's

Last week I posted about the custom alphabet print I made for Ellis' room - and now given as a baby gift to many friends. But when I saw the 'Pretty Patterns Alphabet' print from, I was inspired to try something with texture.

I'm loving these new prints. They can be customized with a child's name at the bottom, and done in a variety of patterned prints. So cute. 

I'm slowly building up an inventory of my own work. An Etsy shop may be in my future sooner than later!

(Linen and Pattern Alphabet unframed prints $10 . Customized with child's name at the bottom $15)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My ABC's

As a new mom, my FAVOURITE paper projects are all things baby. I was inspired by a number of alphabet prints I found on Etsy before my son was born, and made two versions of the print below. One with Ellis' name, and one with the girl name we had picked (the gender was a surprise).

His room is still unfinished, ugh, but his alphabet print has been up on his wall since day one. 
$15 for an 8x10 unframed print with child's name.
I offer a few different colour combos for girls or boys.  It makes a great shower gift, too.

My new inspiration is the Pretty Patterns Alphabet print I found on Pinterest (from I have some great digital papers with gorgeous patterns. I can't wait to make my own version of this alphabet. Maybe this weekend?
Pretty Patterns Alphabet ($89.00) from

Waiting for pick-up

Packaged and waiting...
Packaging business cards is I just have to figure out how I'm going to package an 18"x24" print?

There are so many great packaging inspirations online. Its one of my favourite things to search for on Pinterest right now. Once I have a little money to spend, I'm going to rock the packaging! That first impression really does count.

Here are some of my Pinterest finds for packaging:


source unknown. Sorry!


Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My way of saying thanks...

I dug up a copy of my wedding 'thank you' card at the cottage this weekend. Do I have extras because I didn't get them all sent out? Ummm, yup. Brutal. Etiquette says you have a year, but if you have a baby and baby gift thank you's to send out that year, too, do you get extra time?
I often design things in postcard form, which can look great and be cheaper to print. 
But I love cards that open, so for my own thank you cards I went with the traditional card format. 

We're in business, baby!

So if this is going to be a business, I need a business card, right? Done!
Does a business card make it official?
I needed a little chevron...

Check out the business cards I made for Dewdrop Crafts, too.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Lucky number 7

My sweet nephew, Max, is turning 7!  Since I can't make the party in Shanghai, the least I could do is make him custom soccer themed birthday invitations - complete with his favourite team logo and a picture of him, just like he wanted. Bring home the Kerr Cup, buddy!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Going Retro

A good friend of mine, Katrina, is starting up a company of her own - Dewdrop Crafts. She makes beautiful baby quilts. The fabrics she uses are gorgeous, and all organic cotton. I was excited when she asked me to design her custom quilt labels, and happier still when she told me she wanted a retro/vintage look. Fun!

Its not complete, but before I go any further, I'm just waiting for her feedback. I LOVE the image of the woman, although I was a bit worried it might scare the baby using the quilt?! I showed it to my son, he smiled. Baby tested - CHECK. We'll see what Katrina thinks...

...the verdict is in. The lady was a bit much. So here is the final quilt label design for Dewdrop Crafts.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Up The Hill

I'm Jill Jackson. I'm a new mom to a now 10 month old boy and I'm on a mission to start my own custom paper company from my home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm documenting my journey to make Jill + Jack Paper a reality. The blog is an outlet to share my ups and downs along the way (fingers crossed for more ups) and to share what inspires me to do what I do. 

So since this is the beginning, I'll start with my first paper project - my own wedding invitations. I'm all about DIYs and I know what I love, so why not save a buck and make my own invitations, thank you cards and other paper 'stuff' for the wedding? The invitations were perfectly 'me', they only cost $40 for printing, and I loved every second of the process. 

We had a small cottage wedding surrounded by the people we loved. I wanted the invitation to have  cottage charm and to reflect our loves - so I incorporated our favourite things (our dog, our cottage, surf, traveling, etc.) into the heart on the front.